Please read all the rules below carefully: we consider that all players connecting to our server have read these rules, and agree to be penalized if they break any of them.
We reserve the right to modify the rules at any time. That's why you should always keep up to date.

Users are asked to behave properly on the server and in all circumstances.

All users talking in the Linesia server chats must pay a minimum of attention to their spelling, as this allows for correct exchanges with other players. Dyslexia, dysorthographia, etc. are not penalized.

All players joining the server are held solely responsible for their account, and Linesia Staff does not deal in any way with account theft or lending.

​If a member of staff is abusive, vulgar, violent or misuses his or her powers with players, it is necessary to contact those in charge or more via an administrative ticket.

This list is not exhaustive: a sanction may be applied (even if the justification for this sanction does not appear in this list) if your behavior, your nickname or your actions are inappropriate and do not comply with server regulations.


If you break any of these rules while on Linesia, you may be subject to a mute in the chat room, or even more, depending on the severity of the infraction.

  • All flood, so put incomprehensible characters (uzhdusjsk) just to overload the chat, this includes exclamation points to excess (!!!!!!!)
  • All insults, however light, directed at a player, players or staff
  • All spam, i.e. sending the same message 4 or more times in a short period of time
  • Any provocation, no matter how minor (ez,guez,etc), that repeatedly belittles a player or players
  • Messages in capital letters are not tolerated (a word in capital letters is accepted as long as it is not abused)​
  • Server, YouTube channel and other types of advertising are forbidden (except for faction advertising)​
  • All forms of discrimination, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc...
  • DDOS, DOX threats...
  • Any disclosure of personal information or false information​
  • False giveaways to make players jump into warzones or other areas are forbidden​
  • All blackmail is forbidden (Give onix blocks or I'll throw away your cheat)
  • Any voluntary actions or incentives that may cause the server to slow down or crash (orders, use of buggy items, etc...)
  • All cheats promotion​
  • Any disclosure of personal information or false information​
  • Derank threat to staff


  • ​Cheats
    • (Auto click, macros, double click, reach, mouse controller, 4ms,...) and any modification that could give an advantage will be followed by a 60-day ban.
    • La complicité de cheat est également banissable (savoir que un joueur cheat sans le dénoncer ou l'aider en combat)

  • Disclosure of personal information​
    • Anything involving the publication of photos or the disclosure of names, first names, IPs or addresses or anything private will be followed by a time-limited ban to a permanent ban.
  • Crash connection​
    • Getting lagged to get out of a trap or to access an inaccessible area will be followed by a 15-day ban + stuff given to the opponent.
  • Scam
    • Scamming a player during an exchange, stealing, lying about information concerning an item will be followed by a 10-day ban and the scammed player will be reimbursed.
  • Dual account​
    • The use of DC is allowed except for ban bypasses, freekills, exchange scams, betrayals, hiding stuff and duplicating rewards, which will be followed by a permanent ban on all your accounts.
  • Sell stuff
    • Selling stuff for IRL money, a Nitro or similar, will be followed by a permanent ban.
  • FreeKill
    • Killing a player more than 4 times in a short period of time will be followed by a 10-day ban as well as clear money, power and inventory.
    • This does not apply to full-back players.
  • Back Safe Zone
    • Any action to go into a protected area in combat (pearl from the Warzone to the spawn, etc.) will be followed by a 3-day ban + stuff given to the opponent.
  • Use Bugs
    • All use bugs (gates, doors, traps, blocks, bedrock, water buckets, off-map) will be followed by a 5-day ban + stuff returned to the opponent depending on the use bug.
  • Betrayal
    • Betraying a faction or alliance will be followed by a 15-day banishment.
  • No Heal & Stick Traps​
    • Traps in which the player(s) cannot heal themselves will be followed by a clear of the ap and a 5-day ban.
    • Make three trap alignments with your wedding rings and your V2 will be followed by a clear trap.

  • Bypass mute
    • Sending a provocative, insulting or other private message to a player or staff member after being transferred will be followed by a 2-day ban.
    • The number of days of banishment may increase depending on what is said.
  • Switch Item
    • ​Changing items quickly to inflict a double blow on your opponent will be followed by a 1-day ban.
    • The number of banning days increases with the number of switches made.

  • Full Back
    • ​Returning 4 or more times in a row to a trap or to a place where combat is taking place (this also includes staying in combat) will be followed by a 3-day ban.
    • Banning time increases according to the importance of the fight.
  • Bug Exploitation
    • Exploiting any bug (duel, arena, or any other bug performed) without notifying the staff will be followed by a time-limited ban to a permanent ban depending on the severity of the bug exploited.
  • Inappropriate skin​
    • Having a skin that is too small or too large, that depicts obscene, shocking or forbidden images, that gives you any advantage or disadvantage over your opponent will be followed by a kick from the server, if no change is made when reconnecting, this will be followed by a 1-day ban.
  • Chest Refill
    • Opening an oven or other container to take any item in combat will be followed by a 3-day ban.
  • Drop item Clearlag
    • Throwing an item or items into clearlag so that opponents can't recover the stuff is forbidden and will be followed by a 3-day ban.
  • 1vs1
    • Breaking a rule in a 1vs1 with a player in agreement in the previous chat is forbidden (example: 1vs1 no multi, no back, no trap, etc) and will be followed by a 1-day ban.​

  • Rename item
    • Renaming an item with an insult, provocation, flood, spam, obscenity or disclosure of personal information is strictly forbidden and the item in question will be clear + a ban depending on the remarks made.
  • L'utilisation de switch ball suivi ou avant d'une commande ou/et d'une pre ender perle est interdite et sera suivi d’un bannissement de 2 jours.

  • Maintenir en combat un joueur (le frapper un seul coup pour pas qu'il back sans le tué)
  • Afk au minage en cassant des blocks
  • Toutes plantations ou spawneurs sont exclusivement autorisés dans les is. Si vous en possédez dans votre ap et que vous ne les déplacez pas, vous écoperez d'un clear de votre AP (le claim ne sera pas retiré).


Please note that these rules are not exhaustive !

This means that if we wish to penalize you for any reason not mentioned in these rules, we reserve the right to do so.​

In this category, you'll find all the rules you need to follow in any salon, whether written or vocal.

Respect is the main rule, and all players must respect each other, whether in writing or vocals.

  • Pornographic, xenophobic, homophobic, racist and sexist content is strictly forbidden and will be punished.
  • ​Your profile photos and nickname must comply with server rules. We also recommend that you use your ig nickname on Discord.
  • The usurpation of identity, be it profile photo or pseudonym, is forbidden.
  • Advertising is totally forbidden except in the lounges provided for this purpose.
  • The sale of goods related or not to Linesia is strictly forbidden.
  • DDOS or Token Grab threats/actions.
  • Spamming / flooding, i.e. repeatedly using the same letters or words for the sole purpose of overloading the show or shows, is strictly forbidden.
  • Insults or even provocation are strictly forbidden.
  • Multiple mentions are strictly forbidden (the same applies to ghost pings).
  • Pinging a HS (High Staff) is strictly forbidden unless the HS pinged you first.
  • The publication of videos or images without the consent of the person(s) is strictly forbidden (except in the case of a ticket).
  • Sharing links not directly related to the discussion is prohibited.
  • The use of soundboards or voice modifiers for the sole purpose of trolling is strictly forbidden.
  • Screaming and harmful sounds are not tolerated.
  • Leaving and rejoining a salon repeatedly for the sole purpose of disturbing others in the vocal is strictly forbidden.
  • Audio or video recordings without the consent of the person(s) in the voice recording are strictly forbidden, except to provide evidence.


All requests for refunds (following the loss of stuff or items) MUST be accompanied by a video proof (ONLY).​

Human error is not reimbursable.​

Only the stuff visible on the recs will be refunded if the inventory is not visible.​

  • If a faction's leader is banned from our server, an officer from your faction will be assigned the faction's lead. If the faction does not contain an officer, a member will be appointed (with the leader's agreement).
  • If you participate with someone else in a breach of the rules, this makes you an accomplice and you will be punished in the same way as the person who committed the breach.
  • If you find yourself in a place where duplication has been carried out, and have not reported this to a member of staff, you will be penalized by being considered a duplicator.
  • The same applies if you own a home where duplication has been produced.
  • If you refuse to log on to the Discord despite several warnings (in the chat or through sanctions such as warns and kicks), you will be permanently banned until you log on to the Discord.
  • Bypassing a sanction automatically results in a heavier penalty.
  • We condemn harassment in all its forms. In this situation, staff managers and above are free to take into account any element that may help clarify the situation.

It is permitted for players to make in-game vents, but :

  • Player Events should not require any action on the part of the Staff (surveillance, setting up a safe zone, etc.).
  • Player Events must not be advertised on the official Linesia server (IG, Discord).
  • In the event of overflow, the event organizers will be held responsible and sanctioned.
  • In-game chat (question/answer type) or chat spam are strictly forbidden, and any type of scope, or going beyond these conditions, is subject to the exclusive authorization of a Manager or Administrator.

  • Refusal of verification is permitted if requested by a non-staff player. If a member of staff or an auditor asks you to do so and you refuse verification, you will be automatically sanctioned and banned for 60 days.